The Trauma Research Center


The Trauma Research Center started its activities officially in 2011. This center has conducted 300 research projects so far, and the compliance rate of the projects with the military criteria and missions was about 95%.

  • The center has four separate research departments:
  • Trauma in defensive medicine.
  • Trauma in accidents and crises.
  • Prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of trauma.
  • Medical engineering in trauma.


In line with the vision document of the country and the armed forces, until 2025, the trauma research center, both the research and educational center of the trauma reference in the Middle East, will be capable of implementing research-oriented postgraduate courses and producing technologies related to air and sea medicine, trauma systems, and medicine. Trauma and accident medicine, as well as medical engineering, can work in the development of interdisciplinary research with an emphasis on turning knowledge and technology into wealth and establishing a knowledge-based company.


The Trauma Research Center is one of the research centers of the Baqiyatallah Research Institute of Medical Sciences, which has been organized with the aim of maintaining and improving the health of IRGC employees, armed forces, and their families through research, production, and commercialization of related technologies, training, and counseling in the fields of trauma systems, trauma medicine, and accident and crisis medicine. This center pursues its mission by training, attracting, and employing specialized and committed researchers and elites through effective interaction with other scientific centers, preserving Islamic principles and values and human dignity, observing research ethics, needs-orientation, innovation, creativity, and continuous quality improvement.