School of Health

The Faculty of Health was established in 1994 after the approval of the Ministry of Health. School of health is aimed at achieving great education and research successes and products in the domains of health and safety sciences. Currently, the school includes eight educational departments offering different degree- and certificate-based programs. According to the announced mission, this faculty is responsible for the training of elementary and advanced courses in the field of health and safety for military employees.


Environmental Health Engineering

Occupational Health and Safety Engineering

Epidemiology and statistics

Health Education

Health Management Services

Health economics

nutrition science

Passive Defense



20-year vision in science and technology

The Faculty of Health of BMSU wants to be the best school among all the health faculties in Iran by relying on its scientific ability in terms of education, research, and entrepreneurship.



  • To gain the best position in the region in the field of military health sciences.
  • To be the leader on the frontiers of military and non-military knowledge and health sciences among the countries of the Islamic world.
  • To have scientific products, future research, and innovations in selected fields of military health based on the needs of the armed forces.
  • Creation of knowledge-based wealth and technology.
  • Focusing research efforts on the requirements of community health.
  • Training human resources to be efficient and entrepreneurial.
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  • Priority to the specialized health needs of the armed forces.
  • Compilation of transformation programs in educational groups.
  • Development of financial resources through attracting grants, income generation, communication with industry, and consulting.
  • Integration of the policies of health education and research centers.
  • Empowerment of faculty members.
  • Empowerment and revising the structure of the EDO.
  • Planning for talent searches by educational groups of the faculty.
  • Development of infrastructure and efficient management of resources.