Health Management Research Center


This center has been active in the research and education fields since 2007.

In 2010, this center named “Health Management Research Center” succeeded in getting approval in principle from the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, and since then, the research performance of the Health Management Research Center has been evaluated every year by the Ministry of Health. Currently, it is the first and only health management research center in the armed forces.

Vision of the center:

Health Management Research Center, based on the horizon of 2025.

It will have these features:

Possession of advanced knowledge of military health and crisis management, relying on superior human capital.

Capable of producing sciences and technologies of management, economy, health in accidents and disasters, future research.

Pioneer in creating the capability and scientific authority of the armed forces, with an emphasis on the software movement and the production of science and technology.

Achieving the top status of health management sciences in the country.

A leading model in institutionalizing the principles of Islamic management in the field of military health and disasters.

Missions of the center:

The most important mission of the Health Management Research Center is to carry out fundamental, applied, and organizational research and develop the knowledge and technology needed by society in the fields of management sciences, health in accidents and disasters, policymaking, future research and economics of health care services, health technology, and military health. Knows.

This center aims to realize its vision through innovation and idea generation by attracting and employing expert and committed researchers and elites and empowering its researchers to interact effectively with other scientific centers and health service centers in order to respond to the assigned missions and the needs of the armed forces.