The Nephrology and Orology Research Center



The Nephrology and Orology Research Center started its activities officially in 2011.


  • Improving and upgrading the standard of living and treatment of kidney patients.
  • Carrying out fundamental projects in the fields of nephrology and urology.
  • Monitoring and examination of transplant patients in order to achieve new and standard treatment protocols according to the patient’s condition.
  • Turning the center into a kidney transplant and dialysis training center for doctors and nurses.
  • Access to effective drugs for the treatment of kidney stones.


  • Improving the scientific, educational, and research level of academic staff members at Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences.
  • Achieving new solutions to improve the conditions of the dialysis and transplantation environments.
  • Achieving the goals mentioned in the vision section.



  • Congress
  • Cooperation with scientific centers
  • Projects
  • Guidelines

Cooperation with scientific centers:

  • Active participation in the production of high-technology biotechnology drugs
  • Cooperation with Kowsar Biotechnology Company to prepare a laboratory sample of injectable drug ATG.
  • Carrying out several research projects with Royan researchers on the subject of stem cells in the treatment of PCKD.
  • Carrying out a research project with Royan researchers on the subject of stem cells and kidney transplantation.


The effectiveness of the Nephrology and Urology Research Center in the country:

  • Selected as a clinical knowledge management center for kidney diseases by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education.
  • A new global kidney transplant protocol.
  • Evolution of kidney transplant immunology.