Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 2013 and started operating and accommodating students. Currently, the faculty consists of medicinal chemistry and nuclear pharmacy, pharmacognosy, and traditional pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacology, and toxicology educational groups.

The education groups of the faculty try to use pharmaceutical knowledge on a global scale to solve the problems of the country and the armed forces through appropriate education, research application, and service planning, using the special skills of the faculty members and the existing facilities, make a significant contribution to the development and scientific prosperity of the country.

Also, the Faculty of Pharmacy is equipped with educational and research laboratories, including pharmaceutical process, microbial technology, general chemistry, instrumental analysis, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, cell culture, Lab scale, and herbarium, which provide a very suitable platform to for strengthening education and research skills has done for students.

This faculty, with the aim of promoting the knowledge of pharmacy and military pharmacy, has established pharmaceutical reference laboratories at the armed forces and country levels, and 14 faculty members from 5 educational groups lead the educational and research activities.


Number of faculty members 14
The number of educational  group 5
The number of  educational majors 2
Reference pharmacy number 1


Majors offered in the Faculty of Pharmacy:

Faculty of Pharmacy
Professional Doctorate of Pharmacy
Master’s Degree in Military Toxicology