School of Medicine



Number of students 691
Number of faculty members 157
The number of educational 21
The number of  educational majors 36
The number of medical training centers 3


The primary mission of the Medical School is to promote medical science and technology, train qualified Guardsman doctors, and provide high-quality medical and educational services. In this regard, it offers a variety of academic and research programs, including various areas of basic medical sciences, clinical areas, including general medicine, and assistant courses in specialized and subspecialty areas of medicine.

The Faculty of Medicine has 691 students at different stages of general, specialized, and sub-specialized doctoral studies and basic medical sciences. With 157 professors of clinical and basic sciences, various educational, therapeutic, and research activities are organized and implemented on a national and international scale.

In addition to training students in general medical doctorates, the Medical School trains specialized and subspecialized assistants in the following 12 specialized groups. The courses include general surgery, internal medicine, radiology, orthopedics, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, emergency medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and cardiology. Also, nine basic science education groups, including biochemistry, anatomy, microbiology, physiology, medical physics, immunology, parasitology and mycology, clinical psychology, and Iranian and complementary medicine, participate in various educational and research activities.

For the clinical training of students, the Faculty of Medicine has three specialized and sub-specialized treatment centers, including:

– “Baqiyat Al-Azam hospital

– Jamaran Hospital.

– Najmiyeh Mother and Family Specialized Hospital”

Clinical groups are active in every three centers pursuing education, research, and providing medical services.

Majors offered in the Faculty of Medicine

Medical School
Bachelor’s Degree in Laboratory Sciences Urology
Professional Doctorate of General Medicine General Surgery
Master’s Degree in Parasitology Internal Medicine
Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology Cardiology
Master’s Degree in Physiology Physical Medicine
Master’s Degree in Anatomy’s Sciences Anesthesiology
Master’s Degree in Microbiology Radiology
Master’s Degree in Biochemistry Gynecology
PhD Degree in Military Psychology Ophthalmology
PhD Degree in Physiology ENT
PhD Degree in Anatomy’s Science lung diseases
Specialized Degree (Residency) of: Nephrology
Orthopedics Rheumatology
Pediatrics Critical Care Medicine ICU
Emergency Medicine