Noor Genetic Research Center

Noor Genetic Research Center started its activity in 2006 with the aim of identifying unknown martyrs by conducting genetic tests and determining their identity. This center is blessed by the blood of the anonymous martyrs, with the aim of expanding services to everyone with a national approach in various fields, including treatment departments, including multi-specialty clinics and person-centered medicine, specialized medical genetic services laboratories, educational-research affairs, as well as a vision accelerator to support ideas. It has been expanded creatively and product-oriented, which we will briefly introduce below.

Medical Genetics

In line with providing specialized services to people, with the aim of increasing accuracy and quality, using the most modern and up-to-date devices in the world, and at the same time lowering existing costs, Noor Medical Genetics Center is trying to increase health and vitality in society, with Providing services in the molecular, cytogenetic, and pharmacogenetic departments and making genetic laboratory and diagnostic services available to everyone, Noor Genetic Research Center is currently one of the most equipped centers in the country and region.

Multi-specialty genetic counseling and clinic services

Noor Medical Genetics Center, by allocating two independent departments to consultative and clinical services in all related fields, is trying to bring together experts in various fields of maternal, newborn, and genetic health in the most appropriate space for the necessary investigations and procedures so that everything is necessary. Provide a complete consultation.


Currently, in addition to providing graduate education courses, retraining courses, and holding specialized webinars, the center is trying to improve and expand the quantitative and qualitative level of genetic science in the country, according to the available facilities. He warmly presses domestic and foreign scientists for scientific and technological advancement, so that with the formation of centers of excellence and progress in the field of genetics, our country will become one of the leading societies in this field.


One of the most important approaches in the world of science is the use of genetic data in order to achieve new methods of treating incurable diseases by using gene editing and gene therapy techniques. These subjects are among the practical and strategic priorities of the center, and with the possession of related specialized equipment, it welcomes the cooperation of scientists and researchers inside and outside the country.

V Gene Accelerator

Comprehensive Center for Genetics lights its ecosystem in order to direct and guide new ideas based on genetic data, deep learning, and artificial intelligence in order to design new drugs, diagnostic kits, software, and specialized applications on the way to achieve the achievement and product. It has completed the launch of the Vision Accelerator to host and sponsor ideas up to the stage of product production. All specialized departments with full capacity are ready to cooperate with young people and professionals with ideas.