Sport Physiology Research Center of Baqiyatallah

Sport Physiology Research Center of Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences (AJ)

Sports Physiology Research Center was approved in principle based on the resolution of the 184th meeting of the Council for the Development of Medical Sciences Universities in 2008. In the evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, it is the first research center in the country that was able to design, develop and approve the curriculum of a PhD in sports physiology from the beginning. This center is proud to be the organizer of the first training course for the specialized doctorate in sports physiology at the level of the country’s medical sciences universities in 2009. In the military aspect, this center made one of its main research axes “Physical readiness and combat ability” and has completed many research projects in this field so far.

Based on the needs assessment and in accordance with the road map, this center conducts research in the following research fields:

1-Research fields related to physical fitness and combat readiness

  1. A) Designing and validating the physical fitness test in combat
  2. b) Designing and building a system for recording and displaying health, physiological, metabolic and biomechanical indicators of physical exercises (bio dashboard).
  3. c) Examination of physical fitness indicators
  4. d)
  5. e) Recording the experiences of professors in the field of physical fitness in combat and facing crisis
  6. f) body measurement and evaluation of body composition of employees

2- Research fields related to rehabilitation in improving and restoring performance

  1. A) Epidemiology of injuries caused by military exercises
  2. b) specialized protocols in accelerated rehabilitation (mostly based on sports and physical activities)
  3. c) Exercises and rehabilitation in muscular and skeletal disorders
  4. d) Increasing knowledge and producing software and standardization of tests for measuring skeletal muscle damage.

3-Research fields related to basic sciences

  1. A) Physiological adaptations (Conditioning): Mechanisms and practical principles in different physiological systems
  2. b) Chronobiology of sports training in different environmental conditions (hypobaric, hyperbaric, hypoxia / hyperoxia, cold, heat, etc.)
  3. c) Simulators for training and evaluating multiple abilities
  4. e)
  5. f) hypothermia and hyperthermia
  6. Research fields related to nutrition and sports supplements and drugs
  7. a)
  8. b) Optimum nutrition in different weather conditions
  9. c) Calorie consumption and overweight
  10. d) Methods of self-measurement of body energy reserves
  11. e) How to promote functional nutrition literacy in military forces


  1. g) Recommendations and new methods to prevent heat stress
  2. k) Possible methods to prevent cold stress
  3. l) Doping, dos and don’ts and necessary protocols
  4. M) increasing knowledge in the field of supplements: dos and don’ts


Carrying out more than 100 research projects and theses, authoring more than 6 book volumes, publishing more than 300 articles in international and national prestigious publications, presenting more than 100 articles in national and international congresses, holding national conferences, holding training workshops in various fields of sport physiology and physical fitness in accordance with the priorities of the center’s road map has been one of the achievements of this center since its establishment until now.