Marine Medicine Research Center


Marine Medicine Research Center as the main navy medicine research member of the IRGC in 2002, and with the doctrine of “Health Promotion, “Casualty Reduction,” it was formed in the NEDSA navy medicine command. By relying on motivational forces, this center was able to quickly establish its scientific position in NEDSA navy medicine, and in addition to translating specialized texts and producing science software, it solved many problems in the field of the health of naval personnel within ten years.


This center hopes to become the scientific hub of marine medicine in the near future.


Providing an opportunity for the presence of university researchers in the operational areas of the Persian Gulf and direct familiarization with the problems and challenges of personnel.

Explaining the scientific solution to solve the health problems of NEDSA personnel by carrying out scientific research and the design of combat navy medicine structures in the form of naval combat medical doctrine (Health Promotion, “Casualty Reduction).

Continuous interaction with other research centers of the university and explanation of the course “Marine Medicine” for medical and nursing students.

Conductor and scientific supervisor of research projects in the field of marine surface and subsurface health and treatment.

Scientific and practical support for research projects in the field of marine medicine and paramedics.

Providing suitable research titles for master’s and PhD theses.