Dental College

The Faculty of Dentistry has been one of the University’s newest since 2021. It begins to admit students and focuses on its primary mission of preventing and treating various dental and head and neck diseases and disorders.

This faculty has the highest score in the country in the most recent evaluations by the Department of Health and Medical Education and considering accreditation standards.

The Faculty of Dentistry has an excellent educational environment for educating students in various fields, with a well-equipped hospital and a specialized dental clinic.

Currently, 11 specialist assistants are studying in four specialized areas of dentistry, including periodontology, endodontics, prosthodontics, and maxillofacial surgery, with the participation of 6 faculty members, and orthodontics and pediatrics and fellowship courses will also be launched in the near future.

Number of students 11
Number of faculty members 6
The number of educational  group 4
The number of  educational majors 5
The number of medical training centers 1


Majors offered in the Faculty of Pharmacy:


The Faculty of Dentistry
Professional Doctorate of General Dentistry
Residency of Periodontics
Residency of Endodontics
Residency of Dental prostheses
Residency of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery