History, structure, and organization of the Spiritual Health and Lifestyle

The Spiritual Health and Lifestyle Research Center is a research group works based on the strategic document of the Baqiyatallah Research Institute of Medical Sciences in line with the coherence and integration of educational and research activities, responding to the current and future needs of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Armed Forces; monitoring the research and educational needs, new scientific discoveries and innovation and breaking the boundaries of knowledge, producing indigenous knowledge and technology based on Islamic culture and implementing the missions required by the armed forces in the fields of physical, psychological, family, health and nutrition, spiritual health and health system.


This research institute was initially established under the title “Lifestyle Research Institute” with the approval of basic principles from the Ministry of Health, Education, and Medical Treatment in the 198th session of the Council for the Development of Medical Sciences Universities in 2009. After that, according to the resolution of the 23rd meeting of the Board of Trustees of Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences dated in 2021 regarding the establishment of the “Research Institute of Lifestyle and Spiritual Health,” it has been officially launched and has been operating since December 2022 in order to be able to respond to basic needs and organizational missions by defining new missions and creating an appropriate structure.

Dominant principles

The values ​​and principles governing the research institute of lifestyle and spiritual health are based on the theoretical foundations of the country’s comprehensive scientific map document, the vision document of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the horizon of 2035, the general health policies of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the announcements of the honorable command of the IRGC and Baqiyatallah university of Medical Sciences and the Research Institute of Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences and as the governing spirit of the scientific movement of the Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences Research Institute specify the orientations, priorities and dos and don’ts in the scientific, research and technology.

The most important of them are:

1- Reliance on Islamic principles and Iranian culture

2- Taking advantage of global experiences and knowledge

3-Taking advantage of national and international capacity



The most basic task is to prevent injuries and take advantage of opportunities. Based on this, the main mission of the Research Institute of Lifestyle and Spiritual Health is to monitor and promote the Iranian Islamic lifestyle with a focus on resilience and increasing endurance. This mission is in line with the mission of the Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences Research Institute, which includes policymaking and macro-research planning in the field of health and combat medicine, strengthening the defense and security base of the country through basic and applied research with the development of science and technology, and the manufacture of products in the field of health and combat medicine, as well as strategic scientific and research support from the missions of the IRGC and the armed forces in the field of health and combat medicine.

1- Sports Physiology Research Center: physical fitness and endurance

2- Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences Research Center: Mental Endurance

3- Medicine, Religion, and Spiritual Health Research Center: Spiritual Endurance

4- Military health research center: health and nutritional endurance

5- Health Management Research Center: Resilient Health System