Baqiyatallah Hospital

Introducing the hospital:The Baqiyatallah Hospital is a research and teaching hospital on the campus of the University of Baqiyatallah in Tehran City, Iran.In addition to providing health services, this center has had scientific and research interactions with other important scientific and research centers of the Iran due to its significant educational and research activities and trains specialized and sub-specialized staff of medical sciences.This medical center is one of the first four hospitals in the world and is unique in the middle East.The physical structure of this center is concentrated as 3 interconnected ridges on 16 floors and has an operating room equipped with about 500 specialists who are engaged in medical activities.This center care for patients across the spectrum of health care, from routine screenings and outpatient visits to trauma emergencies.Free valet parking is available to patients and visitors of patients at the Baqiyatallah Hospital. Wheelchairs and other assistance are available for patients and visitors with special needs.Besides the main building, the hospital has an equipped clinic and this subspecialty center currently has 57 inpatient wards, which in addition to inpatients have a large clinic that is provided to outpatients on a daily basis because of the variety of specialists and subspecialists.