Faculty of Nursing

As one of the faculties of Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, the School of Nursing task with educating human resource professionals to be loyal, dedicated, efficient, and up-to-date to participate in the crucial missions of the country. This faculty is responsible for education, research, and knowledge development in the health sciences by focusing on the nursing profession.

The School of Nursing operates based on Islamic principles and values ​​and human dignity by taking the lead in knowledge production in the nursing field. This faculty also attempts to interact effectively with other scientific centers to realize its perspective to meet the needs and improve the health of society.

There are currently 342 students who are studying for Bachelor’s, Masters’, and Doctorate degrees in various nursing fields.

The Faculty of Nursing has 33 faculty members who work in 9 different internal training groups in Surgery, Principles Techniques, Psychiatric Nursing, Pediatrics, Management, Community Health, Military Nursing, Operating Room, Intelligence, and Medical Emergencies. With the participation of faculty members, in addition to facilitating access to various health facilities and clinics, the opportunity for scientific research and contributing to nursing and health science circles has also been provided.


Number of students 342
Number of faculty members 33
The number of educational 9
The number of  educational majors 7
The number of medical training centers 5


Majors offered in the Faculty of Nursing

Nursing school
Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
Bachelor’s Degree in Operating Room
Bachelor’s Degree in Anesthesiology
Master’s Degree in Special care Nursing
Master’s Degree in nursing management
Master’s Degree in Emergency Nursing
Master’s Degree in Military Nursing
PhD Degree in Nursing