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The University also offers doctoral and postgraduate studies for physicians from various regions of the country in all fields of medicine. Didactic base for clinical teaching includes the University Hospital, University Women’s Hospital, Cardiovascular Hospital, University hospital of Dentistry, and select clinical departments located in Tehran. University Hospitals are leading medical facilities that blend years of experience with state-of-the-art medicine. The BMSU was recognized by the international databases such as Web of Science and Elsevier Scopus as possessing the most prolific researchers and academic papers in Iran. During the corona pandemic, BMSU acted as the leading academic center in covid-19 prevention and treatment, and was the first academic center to produce the corona vaccine in Iran. BMSU is an heir to the long tradition in educating highly-specialized medical personnel for the whole of the healthcare system. The status of our educational institution in Iran obligates us to maintain the highest standards in teaching, research, and clinical activity.